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Red Heifer Winery Opening

“When I see someone taste my wine and enjoy it, it really makes the hard work and long hours all worth while,” said Kevin Ford. “We’re excited to share our wine with everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from.” Kevin’s grandmother originally owned the farm and he says she is happy to see the farm being used again. “She’s loves to help bottle and do whatever she can,” Ford said.

The majority of the 2,000 vines in Red Heifer’s vineyard are of the Chambourcin and Chardonnay varietal. The current selection of wines includes, Catawba, Blueberry, Red Heifer White (Vidal Blanc with 3% residual sugar), Vidal Blanc Dry, and coming soon, a French Oak-aged Cabernet Franc.

An elevation of 1,500 feet, combined with a perfectly placed southwest orientation, naturally grants Red Heifer the luxury of a “microclimate perfect for growing grapes.” The three acres of young grapevines will continue to mature and are expected to render their first harvest late next year.

Not only is Red Heifer’s wine ready to drink, but it can also be enjoyed as a cold and refreshing treat. A short eight-mile drive up the road, Misty Meadows Farm Creamery is turning Red Heifer’s wine into delectable sorbet creations. The Blueberry wine is mixed with raspberry to create a tangy and sweet treat, while the Catawaba is paired with mango for a refreshing and decadent delight.

Now that the winery is officially open, plans are underway for new wines and more tastings. Currently the winery can only do outdoor tastings, but don’t let that stop you from visiting! The tasting patio has heaters and is the perfect place to pick up a gift for the holidays. Yvonne and Kevin’s grandmother, the brains behind the winery’s operation, may even be there too.

“We’ve waited to do this for ten years now and it has been a long term goal,” Ford said. “It’s a great feeling. People told me first sale would be a wonderful feeling, but I’m still feeling that.”