MD Alcohol Laws

The Maryland Wineries Association provides as a public service the following information about the State's laws as they affect Maryland's wineries.

Preamble to Article 2-B – "It is the policy of the State of Maryland ... to obtain respect and obedience to law and to foster and promote temperance."

Three-Tier System – the system through which all alcohol flows in Maryland. Created after prohibition, the three-tier system is venerated by State administrators, and detested by advocates of free and open markets.

Direct Shipping – consumers' abillity to order and have wine delivered to their home. Finally—after years of consumer and industry efforts, Marylanders may now receive wine by mail from wineries who have obtained a permit from the state.

Maryland Wine and Grape Commission – created by Governor Robert L. Ehrlich in 2004 to study ways to grow the Maryland wine and grape industry. A 50+ page report was created with specific recommendations to support the industry.